Wedding Florals AND Photo Coverage ?!!?

My newest passion and business endeavor is my floral brand: Prairie Roots Designs. Madelyn B Photography will always be my number one biz, but I have been having so much fun using my hands and getting creative with florals.

In June of 2023 I did my first wedding where I designed the florals for the wedding day along with doing the photo coverage, and I had a blast!!! And yes, it is more than doable!!

My couple was preparing to get married at the bride’s family cabin, so it was going to be a backyard style wedding. I created her bouquet, his boutonniere, and two larger arrangements for the ceremony pedestals. How did I do it? I’ll lay out the day for you:

The night before the wedding, I prepped all the flowers and created her bouquet along with his boutonniere. I stored them in the fridge until departing the next day. I arrived onsite a few hours before my photo timeline begun to create the pedestal pieces. After assembling everything, eating a snack (lol), and cleaning up the floral supplies, I prepped my cameras and photography gear for the day. I started taking getting ready photos and detail photographs around 12:30pm in the afternoon. For a June wedding, I always recommend a later ceremony, so the ceremony was at 4:30pm with dinner at 6pm. They decided to end the night with a private boat ride and fireworks lit off from the dock. As far as floral clean up goes, they decided to gift the larger arrangements from the ceremony to grandparents and ended up taking home the bride’s bouquet to preserve since they loved it that much!

All in all, it made for one magical day and I had the best time spent with one of my favorite couples. And I will always mention the option of adding on florals to my photo clients, because I can and will do it ALL for you!!!

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